Saturday, March 26, 2016

Brain Breaks Benefit Students

     There has been much research done showing the relationship of physical activity and an increase in the function of our brains. As an elementary teacher, I have seen these benefits on a daily basis.

    A few years back, our local YMCA began teaching students in our school about the benefits of healthy eating and regular exercise. These lessons were not only helpful to students, but faculty members as well.

     I decided to literally "run" with the information being taught.  I began running with my students, and taking time out for exercise games, physical Simon Says, or workouts to music.  We've never looked back, and my students love it.

    Since adding daily physical activity breaks, my students are more relaxed, more focused, and no doubt better thinkers.  If you're not incorporating brain breaks into your routine, I encourage you to check out the article below.  I have also included the link to one of the many You Tube videos we use to start our day.

Hike on! - New York Times Article - You Tube Video Whip/ Nae Nae Elementary Cardio Workout

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